Whether it be for identification, events or just for convenience to hang those keys, ID Choice is a pre-eminent lanyard supplier, in Australia.
From low volumes to many thousands, we have plenty of combinations.
If you are not sure what width, fabric or hooks would look best or suit your operating environment then we can advise.
Widths: 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm
Fabrics: Tubular, Flat, Round, Smooth/Silky
Hooks: There are many choices. Please see our product images or we can tailor for you.
Safety break-away: Is included in all our lanyards and can be in more than one place on the lanyard
Tailored for you: We have 15 off-the-shelf tubular plain colours or we can dye to your PMS.
Custom printing: We can print to PMS colours with text, logos, fine graphics, metallic and special finishes
Free artwork & set up
Prices that will please you
Quick turn-around
A low, minimum order quantity