Plastic cards & RFID

ID Choice offers an extensive range of cards:
Blank ISO standard size 86 x 54mm in white
Blank in all-over colours
Signature panel
Magnetic stripe in lo-coercivity (300oe) and hi-co (2750oe & 4000oe)
Chip/Smart and RFID cards (clamshell, prox, isoprox & Mifare)
Large cards above 86 x 54mm up to 140 x 88mm, or custom sizing
Name tag and key tag (snap-apart in 2-up and 3-up)
Adhesive, thin cards for thicker prox
RFID tags as adhesive stickers for inventory and records management
We offer printing services using our in-house printers (see Bureau) or for higher volumes we can arrange digital and offset methods.
For ultra-secure cards we can offer a range of tamper-evident and security print methods to stop fraudulent copying or misuse.
Specialist printing means we can enhance the look of your cards without the high costs.
Ask us about our free artwork & design service and mailing & distribution of your cards
In many cases we have saved thousands of dollars for customers. Ask us for a no-obligation evaluation and price for your cards.